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Our Formation

In 2017, Pastor Brian Brodersen invited a group of pastors and leaders connected with the Calvary Chapel church movement to discern how our family of churches could most effectively engage in the Great Commission work that Jesus began through His church in the book of Acts today.

This group of leaders drew and built upon the leadership and theological heritage of Calvary Chapel, and the example of many great men who came before them, working together to form the Calvary Global Network.

CGN’s Executive Leadership Team is comprised of leaders from a diverse background of geographical locations, nationalities, ages, ministry experiences, and perspectives who collaborate to provide vision & clarity for the rest of the network.

Our Future

As we look ahead to the present and future challenges the world faces, CGN is committed to reaching the next generation, equipping the church by resourcing, connection & support, collaborating with other like-minded ministry leaders, churches, and networks, and advancing the Gospel where Christ has not yet been named. The work is only just beginning – and we give God glory as we join the work His Spirit is accomplishing in our generation.