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Calvary Global Network (CGN) desires to partner with other ministries that promote a gospel-centered understanding of the Christian life and Christian ministry. Because both ministries share a commitment to gospel-centrality, CGN is excited to partner with Western Seminary to train Christian men and women for a life of gospel-centered ministry.

Eligible CGN leaders currently receive a significant grant to enroll in various programs at Western Seminary! Are you a member of CGN? Click here to join

About The Program


The CGN/Western Seminary partnership features innovative training and education opportunities provided at substantially discounted tuition costs. Participants in selected training partnerships will even have the opportunity to take advantage of ministry training at no cost.

The CGN/Western Seminary partnership is available to pastors/elders of CGN churches, as well as staff or lay leaders referred for the training partnership by their local CGN pastor/elders.


Who is Eligible?

Students enrolled at least half-time (4 credits for most degrees; 3 credits for advanced degrees) in a degree program at WesternSeminary and affirmed by CGN as eligible for the partnership.

When should I apply?

As soon as possible. You are responsible to pay your full tuition amount on the due date, regardless of whether or not you are waiting on financial aid funds to disburse. Please complete the process below well in advance of the tuition due date to ensure your grant is applied before tuition is due. The financial aid application deadline for current students is approximately one month before the semester starts, and for incoming students it is approximately 2 weeks before the semester starts.

How Can I Recieve The Partnership Grant?

Step one: find your profile and submit the prescreening link. (Choose from the options below)

Step two: Visit the Next Steps section for further info.

Currently Enrolled CGN Authorized Pastor or Elder

I am an authorized CGN pastor or elder that is currently attending Western Seminary and want to join the CGN | Western Seminary partnership.

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CGN Authorized Pastor or Elder Requesting Partnership

I am an authorized CGN pastor or elder that is applying to Western Seminary and requesting to join the CGN | Western Seminary partnership.

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Recommend a Prospective Student

I am an authorized CGN pastor or elder that is recommending a prospective student for the CGN | Western Seminary partnership.

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Prospective Student Requesting to Join Partnership?

If you are not an authorized CGN pastor or elder but are interested in joining the CGN | Western Seminary Partnership, that’s great news! Talk with your authorized CGN pastor or elder and ask them to fill out the “CGN Authorized Pastor or Elder Recommending Prospective Student” form on your behalf.

Next Steps

Western Seminary:

–  Apply for Admission – (Note, if you are in a degree program you only need to go through this step once.)
–  Apply for the Partnership Grant (Every Semester)

Complete the FAFSA(every academic year)
· FAFSA looks at income from prior, prior year (e.g. 19-20 FAFSA looks at your 2017 income). If your current income is less than it was two years ago, reach out to me about the possibility of a re-calculation.

Complete the Need-Based Grant application(every semester)

Complete the Partnership Grant application(every semester),

How much will I receive from the Partnership Grant?

– All eligible students will receive a grant of at least 15% of their tuition.
Students may receive up to 25% based on financial need information from the FAFSA.

– The discount percentage of the partnership grant can also increase based on the number of students from CGN enrolled at Western Seminary. The discount of the partnership grant is 50%.

– This number is tallied each semester after the new student financial aid application deadline and the grant disbursement day. Previously awarded grants will be updated as needed.

– The Partnership grant supersedes the need-based grant. Students cannot be awarded both.