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CGN Relief Fund

Our Mission is to raise support for churches who have suffered a financial famine caused by COVID-19.

About The Program

Eleven years after Pentecost, there was a great famine in Palestine. Many of the believers at the church in Jerusalem were suffering. When Paul heard of the famine, he went to the Corinthian church to raise support (1 Corinthians 16:1-4). Later, when the Corinthian church was unwilling to give, Paul went to the Macedonian churches where we find an example of raising relief funds.

Even though the Macedonian churches were in the midst of “a great trial of affliction and extreme poverty,” they gave liberally, willingly, joyfully, and beyond their ability! What motivated the Macedonian churches to give this way? The grace of God! (2 Corinthians 8:1, 9) When you experience the grace of God in your life, you joyfully give to those in the greatest need. COVID-19 has caused a financial famine for many churches in the Calvary Global Network. This is why we have created the CGN Relief Fund, so that we might “excel in this act of grace also” (2 Corinthians 8:7). To excel in this act of grace, we have put a plan in place using the example Paul set for us in 2 Corinthians 8: The Committee, the Criteria, Contributions, and Communication.

Like Jesus, Paul and the Macedonian churches “gave themselves first to the Lord and then by the will of God to us” (2 Corinthians 8:5).

We have given $52,175 to over 17 churches in 7 months!

  • $2,000: Calvary Chapel Kampala
  • $4,765: Calvary Chapel Fort Portal
  • $3,000: Calvary Chapel Logos
  • $3,000: Calvary Chapel ChristChurch
  • $1,000: Calvary Chapel Prishtina
  • $4,900: Calvary Chapel Bishkek
  • $3,000: Calvary Chapel Jinja
  • $3,000: Calvary Chapel Living Water
  • $2,500: Calvary Chapel Busega
  • $1,400: Calvary Chapel San Gabriel Valley
  • $5,000: Roots NYC
  • $1,610: The Living Gospel Church
  • $2,500: Refuge Fellowship Yangon
  • $7,000: Friends of Peru
  • $2,500: One Love Church
  • $2,000: U-Turn for Christ
  • $3,000: Capilla Del Calvario Emanuel


The criteria are simple, as it was with Paul. If a church has a burden for lost souls, is part of the CGN family, and is willing to write an essay or send a short video describing the needs and how the funds will be used (1-2 paragraphs), along with a picture of the church, they will qualify to begin the application process.After submitting the application, the committee will review the application and then vote whether to accept or reject. The initial review process may take 1-2 weeks depending on demand. The application will be either preliminary approved, pending with request for more information, or denied. An email will provide an update after 1-2 weeks. 

If preliminary approved, the CGN Relief Fund will contact the church for final review. If approved, CGN will disperse the funds per their process, working directly with recipient. 

The CGN Relief Fund will be a one-time gift not to exceed $5,000. The funds are intended to cover the costs through this difficult season. If the church is still in need after the initial gift, CGN will inform other churches in the CGN family, giving them an opportunity to support them directly. 

Once the funds are distributed and the church is settled, CGN Relief Fund committee will interview the pastor and then share the blessing with the CGN family. 

CGN Relief Fund committee will post the name of the church, picture of the location, and the amount given on the CGN website for transparency to donors.


Anyone who is interested in helping to support churches, who are suffering financially, will be able to contribute to the CGN Relief Fund. All funds will be distributed in partnership by Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa accounting, with the CGN Relief Fund Committee having oversight.

Donate Here


The communication of the CGN Relief Fund is an essential and sensitive matter. We understand that many of you and your churches may be “in a great trial of affliction” just as the Macedonian Churches were in Paul’s day. It is interesting to see that when Paul went to the churches he didn’t have to beg for money, instead they were begging him to receive the money they had already raised for the church in Jerusalem (2 Corinthians 8:4). The Macedonian Christians didn’t have much to give, they wanted to give and because of this grace, they experienced great joy.

We encourage you to share with your church, the vision of the CGN Relief Fund need, giving them the opportunity to also excel in the grace and to experience great joy, with the caveat that any gift given, should be over and above their normal tithes and offerings.


Paul sent out Titus and another brother, who both felt called to collect the offering. These two men had very special qualities: They had a burden for lost souls, a reputation for being honest, diligent and cooperative in the sight of the Lord and in the sight of men (2 Corinthians 8:16-24).

The raising of relief funds was a cooperative effort of the Macedonian churches, Paul, Titus, and the other brother. Paul called them “messengers.” The word “messengers” is the Greek word Apostolos, from which we get “apostle-one sent out with a special mission.” 

The CGN Church Relief fund committee have these same special qualities and will be responsible for the oversight of the criteria being set forth and accountable for the distribution of the funds. 

Application Process

  • Submit application below
  • Application will be reviewed
  • Initial review process may take 1-2 weeks depending on demand
  • Your application will either be preliminarily approved, pending with request for more information, or denied; an email will provide you with an update after 1-2 weeks.
  • If preliminary approved, Calvary Global Network (CGN) will contact you for final review.
  • If approved, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (CCCM) will disperse funds per their process working directly with recipient
  • We will post the name of the church, picture of the location, and amount given for transparency to donors

Fund Criteria

  • Registered as a non-profit in your state
  • Must be submitted by an officer of the church (e.g. pastor, elder) with supporting documentation
  • Must affirm the Calvary Global Network Statement of Faith
  • Please write an essay describing the needs and how funds will be used (1-2 paragraphs)
  • Picture of your church
Apply Here