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Thank you for your interest in becoming a host church in the Cultivate program! If you are serving as a mentor for a church planter, your local church will likely be the host church to train. This is a wonderful opportunity for your congregation to partner with us in the great commission. Here are some of the expectations for your church, as well as information that will help you decide whether this is a good fit for you. Every church is different, and God can absolutely use your church to cultivate future church planters. You may be surprised as to how easy and beneficial this program will be for your congregation. Your church is the right church!


The host church is the local congregation that will provide the environment for the cultivated experience. Prospective church planters need an encouraging community to germinate before they are sent out to plant the church. A host church is a sending church.


Host churches have the unique opportunity to get involved in the great commission through training and sending church planters. Your church will experience a renewed sense of purpose and growth as you participate in the planting process. This is an amazing way for you to multiply your ministry and reach communities for Christ.


As a host church, you will provide the space for church planters to train, plan, and grow. Prospective church planters should be given opportunities to serve in your church for hands-on practical ministry experience. This is a manageable task because you will have the help of coaches and mentors along the way. Coaches and mentors can provide the church with direction and help throughout the process so that it is not an extra burden put on the people. Because church planters are hard workers, you will actually get additional help for the ministry from the prospective planter!

Ministry is practical and observable. We ask that you give the prospective planter an opportunity to “look under the hood” and see how God is using the parts and pieces of your healthy church. Invite them to board meetings, let them participate in the service, help them ride along as you care for the congregation. Remember, we want them to be fully prepared to lead a church of their own when they are sent out.


There is no better place for the prospective church planter to train than in their local church. They will receive care and support, as well as training in an environment that can give them practical church management experience. Why would we send our prospective church planters to a parachurch organization, when we have all the tools and opportunities right here at home? We believe that the local church is the garden in which the church planters of tomorrow are cultivated.


The host church is the environment for prospective planters to be trained and sent out. This will be a blessing to your church not a burden as you allow the prospective planter to participate in ministry. Local churches are the most effective places for church planter cultivation.